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The test suite license covers a whole company, including associated companies, and a list of those who have signed it can be found here.The test suite is distributed with details on how to obtain a new test harness which provides minimum required functionality to execute approved test materials in a manual way.Tests for Hbb TV 2 are expected to be added during Q4 20.Anyone can access the Hbb TV Test Suite through an Hbb TV Registered Test Center.If you need to contact the Open IPTV Forum about any matter connected with the organization, you may do so at: [email protected] technical questions about the OIPF specifications should be referred to the Hbb TV Association at: [email protected] of 16 June 2014, the Open IPTV Forum has transferred its technical activities to the Hbb TV Association.If you wish to take part in the stardardization activities that were in the scope of the Open IPTV Forum, you must do so as a member of the Hbb TV Association.

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Issue numbers are included for cross-referencing with errata 3.

TS 102 796 V1.2.1 (often called Hbb TV 1.5) introduced support for HTTP adaptive streaming (based on MPEG-DASH), improving the perceived quality of video presentation on busy or slow Internet connections.

It also enabled content providers to protect DASH delivered content with potentially multiple DRM technologies based on the MPEG CENC specification, improving efficiency in markets where more than one DRM technology will be used.

Commercial test tools which implement the test harness specification are also available.

This file contains an indication of the contents of the test suite.This version was based on 3 documents; This errata document contains a set of identified and resolved errata to the Hbb TV specification published as ETSI TS 102 796 v1.2.1.