Dating website for college kids

21-Feb-2015 01:32

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It is easier than ever for students to connect with Sugar Daddies on Seeking

FAFSA and grants can be a nightmare–that’s if you are approved.

You try the frat parties, the bars, and even in class, but no luck. With the stigma of dating apps now dead, you don’t have to cover it up.

Chances are they or someone they end up dating will also sign up for a dating app (I have seen it happen time after time). Some apps maybe more popular at some schools, but here are a few apps below.

More than half of college students in a recent survey said they were using Tinder and other dating apps (but mostly Tinder) to find friends, not hookups. “That seems a little bit of a stretch,” said Aditi Paul, a Ph. candidate at Michigan State University whose research has found online daters tend to break up faster and more often and are less likely to end up married than their off-line counterparts.

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“The fact that college students are using Tinder at all shows they are not finding what they want on their own campuses, where they are surrounded by so many other singles who are so similar to themselves,” said Kathleen Bogle, who wrote a book about campus dating, in an email.

Says 22-year-old Siddhant Mohite, "I think people are most of the time fake and impersonal online.

Old-school dating style is a lot cooler." Many, in fact, are even unaware of the virtual dating sites and don't even know how to use it.

While dating apps are quite popular, those in the age group of 23-27 prefer long-term relationships.

Auzer Shaikh, a commerce student has been on a date with someone he met through one of these apps. Two hundred students isn’t a very large pool -- the app is estimated to have 50 million subscribers -- and is this even a question students would answer honestly?