Dating violence deaths

18-Oct-2015 11:52

Teen dating violence is becoming an epidemic in our society.

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They were both deeply involved in mental health care.

The community was also riveted by the repeated acts of grace by her parents, who have become articulate, gentle spokespeople for preventing dating violence.

After the murder, Lauren’s father, Malcolm Astley, expressed ongoing concern for Fujita’s parents.

When Malcolm was a boy and witnessed aberrant behavior, his parents often advised him, “Look under the anger.” The outward control and compassion he has displayed do not always mirror his true feelings. Sawyer wrestled with the question, and his sermon described his search for the answer, asking colleagues and parents who had lost children.

He preached: The best answer I came upon was offered by our intern, Kevin Tarsa, who had heard it in a class with Dr. Every person I have talked to since who has been involved with awful situations like that faced by Mary and Malcolm has agreed.

Failing to do that, “we will continue to go from calamity to calamity.” Astley talks at schools and conferences about how couples can find healthy ways to end their relationships.

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