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As he sneakily swims his (or should I say her) way over, the other males ignorantly let him pass on by straight to the target female. Learn the dos and don’ts of approaching girls here. He uses his dancing prowess to woo the ladies, and what impressive dancing it is.He has the ability to show one side of his body as ‘female’ to the competing males, whilst the other side displaying his male complexion. Michael Jackson has nothing on this little red headed champion when it comes to the moonwalk.When going to Animal Kingdom, make sure you make reservations for breakfast for before the park opens.That way you get into the park way early and get first in line onto awesome rides. Expedition Everest is a very popular attraction at the Animal Kingdom, so lines are often very long. It’s located to the right of the Fastpass return – ask a cast member if you can’t find it. As you are on your way to Harambe Village at Animal Kingdom, keep your eye out for the last path to the right after the Tree of Life and before the bridge to Africa.When courting a lady, this adorable monkey uses his grooming skills to de-flea her loveable feelings, showing us the power of KINO (kinesthetic touch) to seduce.Once you feel that attraction is mutual, the use of KINO escalation is paramount to lead up to the first kiss.Female bowerbirds choose their mate based on the male’s grand design skills. Take a leaf out of the bowerbirds …nest – get your own pad and spruce it up! 9 lessons from the animal love gurus who know a thing or two about the art of seduction.After all, if you were going to have sex, you would take a 4-poster bed over the back passenger car seat any day. finished school / college / university and got a job etc. Although it’s probably safe to say that the white-fronted parrot doesn’t quite deserve the accolade of being called a ‘love guru’.

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So make sure you keep on top of your personal hygiene – shower, clean, scrub, brush – do whatever you have to do. Don’t you hate it when you spot a girl you like, only to see her surrounded by competing males fighting for her attention? This savvy squid like mollusc can cross dress at the blink of an eye. However we can take some advice from the cuttlefish – approaching under the radar is far less threatening and a surefire way to lower her defensive guard. look no further than the red-capped manakin to teach you the moves.

Seahorses like to take it slooow and steady by going on multiple dates before the act of fornication. Providing you don’t blow it, they will evidently lead up to all things sex related.

Two budding lovers meet up every morning at the crack of dawn to partake in an intimate dance. If you want to build trust and comfort fast, instant dates are a cunning move. If you meet a girl in a bar, suggest taking her to a bar across the road. If you don’t get on from the outset it can soon turn into the most awkward drawn out affair of your life. Once all this dating is making you hungry, the wining and dining experience is where the blue jay comes into his own.

In the wild, the peacock is just one of many examples of species where the males display the flashy colours whilst the females in comparison are pretty damn drab. The females are naturally drawn to the best smelling males who are rewarded with copulation.

Smelling good is a must when it comes to wooing the opposite sex.While the prevalent tip out there is that the best safaris happen earlier in the day, Disney has said that almost every time of day has an equal chance of seeing many animals out on the safari.

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