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13-Jun-2015 23:58

His place is very messy and he refuses to do his laundry.I try to help him as much as I can but it just becomes messy again.

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However he confessed to me that he is sexually attracted to little children. He finds it hard to keep a long term job and clean up.

Her story really touched my heart because she was raped multiple times and had abusive friends along with a shattered famil I met this girl online last July who at first I thought was the perfect girl for me.

I always thought she never had a thing for me until last October until she asked me if we could try being in a relationship.

Well, I'll start with a lot of inform My boyfriend broke up with me 3 months ago. It was only a 4 month relationship but I felt everything with him.

He broke up with me cause I cheated the night we first broke up and I told him a few weeks la Hey guys, first off: Happy new years to you and yours! Last of my posts/threads date back to 2014 and Im glad to see how much I have grown as a person, professionaly and in general life experience!I currently am in college, and as you may or may not know, just like public sc I've been with my boyfriend on & off for 3 years.

Most end up doing desk jobs where they meet the same set of people every day. The number of new people they meet is quite less and this is also not very often.… continue reading »

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Seth and Noah grew up best friends from about the 5th grade, they played soccer together and started playing music together.… continue reading »

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While in Mexico on vacation his friend outs him as bisexual to two girls on the beach.… continue reading »

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