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29-Jan-2015 21:12

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Users will be able to verify their identity and start the device with a single tap on the biometric sensor built into the power button.

You can check all the previous Mac Book version price here in the mean time.

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Apple's laptop sales have dropped in the past months because consumers are waiting for a new-gen Mac Book Pro, aware that buying old models would be bad investments.

Mac Book Pro users will have the possibility to potentially add frequently-used apps and their own custom shortcuts to the screen.

Like the Touch ID sensor on the i Pad and i Phone, the OLED touchscreen will be also capable of scanning user's fingerprint.

The new OLED touchscreen display will be able to surface buttons specific to the app used, adapting and changing in real-time to what it is actually happening on-screen.

While watching a movie in i Tunes, the touchscreen might allow users, for example, to quickly scrub through video with the swipe of a finger.

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