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Aviation and Independence After graduating, Kaman got a job developing the Sikorsky helicopter.

Ironically, his assignment involved transmission of vibration from the wood rotor blades to the body.

Business thrived until, as the Vietnam war was heating up, Secretary of Defense Robert S. He considered expanding the business into everything from surfboards to sailboats, candy packaging machines to Winnebagos, but these industries were all well-established and well-financed. Kaman continued to play guitar during his building of the helicopter business.

He kept his guitars hanging on the wall, instead of in the case, so he could grab one if he felt like playing.

In one of those rare coincidences, Dorsey’s guitar player had just quit, and the next day Kaman was offered the job.

Which path does the son of a construction foreman pursue?

Adamas models, which were first manufactured in 1977, have a different numbering system.Kaman helped come up with a solution that combined wood with a new synthetic plastic material that provided insulation.However, management was not interested in his ideas.He realized he could use a composite fiberglass to “improve” two aspects of guitar construction.

He could solve the problem of cracking due to wood shrinkage caused by changes in heat and humidity, and he could improve vibration transmission from the back because fiberglass actually resonates at frequencies similar to many woods, but is more efficient (wood actually absorbs some of the instrument’s vibrations).

Serial numbers for Ovation guitars typically appear on paper labels inside the body of the guitar visible through each instrument's sound hole. They also often contain the model of the guitar and the location of its manufacture.