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In this way, she comes up with her debut single “Jar of Hearts”.The platinum hit stays around 31 weeks in US Top 40. Whatever your purportedly purist goals were, you had visions of female affection racing through your mind when you figured out the riff to “Enter Sandman.” After all, it pays off when the fairer sex sees how well you can use your hands.Since several generations of adults were raised on rock music, it takes a bit of creativity to get under the folks’ skin.A gentle, new-age acoustic interlude could drive Slayer-loving parents bonkers.And if you want to get artsy, assembling a dozen friends to rehearse an atonal Glenn Branca guitar symphony should do the trick. An Alternative to the Sporting Life Too short and skinny to play football? The average jock’s self-esteem—not to his mention knees—collapses shortly after high school.

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Dammit, sociologists get published for writing about musician subculture.

It’s the guitarist’s responsibility to lead the campfire sing-alongs as well as make night club audiences gasp at ripping-good riffs or solos. If the combo is good, you could stay away from home for weeks at a time, eat a steady diet of fast food, associate with mentally unbalanced characters, get ripped off by club owners and then return to a lousy job so you can save up money to do it all again. Head Start on a Psychology or Management Degree You’ve seen . Pete Townshend couldn’t have beaten up Abbie Hoffman at Woodstock if he had played bagpipes now, could he?