Dating for mentally ill

02-Dec-2015 13:46

Addictions are also often associated with a lack of personal responsibility, and they frequently propel the other spouse into over-responsibility.

A person with an active addiction has a hard time being intimate, as their priority becomes fulfilling the addictive desire.

Even if the criticisms surrounding the e-mail scandal hasn’t yet died down, the former state secretary is again embroiled in another controversy. What the medical records suggested were far more devastating compared to the e-mail scandal that continues to hound Hillary Clinton in the middle of her push towards the White House.

Now, reports of “bizarre” behavior and leaked mental health records cast doubt on her capability to lead the country. If the documents are to be believed, Hillary Clinton was diagnosed with early-onset dementia three years ago, and the condition is apparently “getting worse.” Probably concerning her poor health, the former first lady allegedly suffered seizures in 20.

In order to deal with the added stress of divorcing when either person has a mental illness, the decision maker has to make sure that the decision is truly their own.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton just couldn’t catch a break.

Another behavior associated with addicted people is the tendency to blame the world and other people for their problems; this does not make for a healthy marriage.

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The reporter conceded that the rumors about Hillary Clinton’s poor health probably began after she was hospitalized back in December 2012 after suffering a concussion.

Renowned relationship expert John Gottman has convincingly argued that criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling are the "four horsemen of the apocalypse" regarding relationships and lead to divorce.

In marriages where one or both partners is living with a mental health issue, the four horsemen appear considerably more frequently.

Depression seems to affect the divorce rate by virtue of lack of engagement in the relationship, as well as not being able to fulfill family or work expectations.

Men sometimes show depression through anger, and many female clients have told me how difficult it is to live with constant irritability, hostility, and angry outbursts.Bardack is the chairperson of the Mouth Kisco Medical Group’s Department of Medicine in NYC.