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02-Feb-2015 20:45

Several years before this trip, I went on another vacation trip to Australia.

On that trip, also, an highly educated Australian woman asked me to marry her.

American women are not interested in me while Australian women and the women from the vast majority of foreign nations that I've traveled to find me personally extremely attractive.

Americans are GOD compared to ASSTRALIANSASSTRALIA and South africa is on the same level and have similiar accents I am an Australian woman who moved from overseas at age six. In my own experience Australian women are not shallow, naive, or stupid, some may be obnoxious but same can be said about men and Australians are far better traveled and worldly than Americans, therefore less ignorant and more culturally sensitive to those around them.

Can't asnwer as I have not too many American women only ones I have seen on the tv although I can comment on Australian women.

Like anywhere obviously your gonna get ya good ones and ya bad ones.

What is worse is that for all these supposedly "easy going" traits, they are still just as picky as any top grade Californian woman.

Any australian woman who takes pride in her appearance is as hard to get as a girl in West Hollywood, Beverley Hills, Malibu or Newport.

My accent has changed since then and I couldn't help it. Australia is a unique country of many cultures which are proud to belong P. All the American women I have met ( and I have never had sexual intercourse with an American ) seem to have that nasal, whining accentand they talk so much at such a high volume it's a wonder they ever draw breath long enough to have sex with anyone.

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