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First let me say bumbles a great idea, it's cool to have women begin the interaction.It's fun swiping through the all the photos and see how many beautiful women there are out there.THE BUZZ IS REAL“A win-win for both genders.” - Inc.“Bumble's found a way to weed out jerks online.” - Time “Bumble is redefining dating rules.” - Cosmopolitan“Bumble is swiping the weirdness out of online dating.” - Fast Company CHANGING THE RULES OF THE GAMEFinding relationships online isn’t embarrassing anymore.Bumble has lifted the stigma of online dating by employing robust reporting and setting unprecedented standards for respectful behavior.BUMBLE BOOSTSubscribe to all new features to improve your Bumble experience.ALSO…Behind the scene fixes and general beekeeping.

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It is an age-old conundrum that has occupied Shakespeare, countless romantic comedies and app developers around the world — how do we find "the one"?

"I think you put your best foot forward on social media," Ms Lingard said."And when you go on a first date you put your best foot forward too."She stressed that she did not go over profiles with a fine-toothed comb."You just see the things they enjoy doing and you match people's likes and dislikes," she said."But it can be quite loose because I think opposites attract."And so far she said the feedback she had received had only been positive."[One couple] they have gone on a second date.

The following few images were taken after we had purchased a pre 1930's music box and found that the sound was nice but it did not have the volume of the older comb with 7 or so broken teeth.

We had a person suggest that the comb we received was likely too new for the unit because the angle of the comb and the pitch were changed with the newer movements (I would assume when they changed to a sealed movement).

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This would show you that there is a difference in the "pitch" of the combs because the tips are longer on the old comb compared to the new one.Otherwise I love the premise, I don't however feel compelled to do any in app purchases which presents a problem for the app itself.🤔 Just spitballing!! This app is ok but I don't like how your matches disappear after 24 hours never to be seen again.

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