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26-Aug-2016 01:25

You are not alone when you choose the cougar dating.

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Cougar Fling does however a much better job of laying out the site and making it easy to use, yet has so few members - most of whom live in the US - that it's barely worth your while to sign up.

More » There's live chat, more than a million members, a beautiful interface, "naughty" mode, and lots of search options, so why does Be Cougar rank lower on this list?

First off, all payments only are in pounds (UK$), thus skewing how I can report the affordability of the site.

Ladies, perhaps you've hit your, er, prime, and want someone who can keep up, or maybe you'd just rather someone with less baggage than many of the men your age.

Regardless of your reasoning - there's zero judgement here - you're trying to meet someone for a May-December romance.You've figured out the easy part - you know what you want. The top pick in this category, and it's easy to tell why even at first glance: the site caters specifically to cougars and cubs (zero sharing databases with other, unrelated dating sites that I could find), there's a huge membership base (1,000,000 ), the search options seem endless, and the price is reasonable (ranging from .33-29.99/month).