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24-Aug-2015 19:22

He’s also contemplating status updates, a la Facebook, to inject a little more personality and transparency into the site.

“I view it as trying to make the service subtly more open and honest,” Kershaw explains.

As of this writing, Bristlr has almost 60,000 users, about a third of them in the United States.

The response has been so enthusiastic that Kershaw, who was working as a freelance Web developer and threw Bristlr together as a joke, recently decided to make the project his full-time gig.

Most of these sites you won’t have heard of, in part because they cater to such a small and specific demographic — think goths or prison inmates or die-hard “Star Trek” geeks.But they also tend to fade into the background because, zany interests and fetishes aside, they’re all basically the same.

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