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Fifth and finally, consilience: The explanations of different phenomena most likely to survive are those that can be connected and proved consistent with one another. New data results in new theories, and theories inspire experiments which are designed to test them...

resulting in new data, which may then require new theories. Any new theory must displace an old one, and therefore needs abundant evidence in its favour; no-one will abandon the standing theory without good reason.

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Fourth, heuristics: The best science stimulates further discovery.When we attempt to deduce objective facts backed up by evidence, and proceed to test our theories rationality and adapt ideas to fit new evidence, it is called the scientific method (although it is more complicated than the description I just gave here! It is the best way of determining what is true because it eliminates personal opinion. Dennett wrote that "good intentions and inspiration are simply not enough" (2007)One key feature typifies the specialist: the scientific method that is used to objectify theories about the world.