Consolidating bird feeders into homemade station

18-Jan-2016 03:59

Julie: It really was tough, you kind of have to work that on there.

But once you get it, you use some self drilling screws to attach it around the edges, and you are ready to install.

Age Range: 5 and up If you want hours of quiet entertainment, build yourself a bird feeder, fill it with seeds, then watch the feathery fliers swarm.

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Then carefully drill a ¼-inch hole through the peak and out of the center of the attached circle.Brace the soda-bottle cylinder on a scrap of wood clamped to a worktable.Drill four evenly spaced ¼-inch holes 1½ inches from the cylinder's edge.Watch the previous or next video in our series of tips for your yard.

While feeding birds in your yard is a popular pastime, squirrels and raccoons can often empty or destroy a bird feeder in no time flat.

Then glue and nail one of the circles on top of the blocks. Turn the 4½-inch square on edge, and hold it steady with a bar clamp. Glue and nail the other circle onto the square with the perches.

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