Common mistake made in dating

27-Aug-2015 06:41

However, one should never hide one’s true personality and impersonate someone just to impress a man. However, if you are truly interested in making an everlasting relationship with your date, then you must abstain from hiding your true self.

Some women tend to become too progressive in their first date itself and end up proposing a guy with a demand for commitment. Give yourself adequate time to understand each other.

This will show her that you are an inde­pen­dent man who is capa­ble of mak­ing his own deci­sions, which is what most women want in a man.

So, what’s the prob­lem with try­ing to be inter­est­ing?

It’s usu­ally one of two things: The first pos­si­bil­ity is that you are talk­ing about your­self more than you are lis­ten­ing to her, which is a major turnoff for any­one.

If so, you’re mak­ing the fatal and com­mon dat­ing mis­take of being too avail­able to her.

Now don’t get me wrong on this, I’m not say­ing that you play juve­nile rela­tion­ship games like “hard to get.” But it’s impor­tant that you have your own life and that you don’t com­pletely rearrange it around a woman.This advice also applies to mak­ing con­ver­sa­tion.

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