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09-Oct-2015 02:58

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To become who God wants me to be, I need to submit to God before all else, even my husband.Such is truly the Biblical definition of submission.Sadly it is still being used today to legitimize slavery in marriage: “And as for what a man gets out of it, besides a woman who obeys his every command, Vera [a CDD wife] says her partner is satisfied by her growth. Click here to read and sign the statement "Faith Leaders Against Christian Domestic Discipline." Ephesians -22 is widely misuderstood.‘He enjoys seeing the person he owns, his property, become the thing God wants her to be. It has nothing to do with being viewed as property.Every once in a while I have to listen to keep in touch with my "roots." So this morning someone from Illinois Family Institute is talking about the problems of homosexual people marrying, as this may lead to new interpretations of marriage, plural marriages of all sorts.

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Some days it’s embarrassing to be a Christian – and not in a good way.It is set up according to Biblical standards." The "methods" include corporeal punishment such as spanking with objects.