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I do not need to have very elaborate lighting normally, the normal light of a set is enough. Speaking of dangers, you’ve been shot at on television… Has there been anything that’s happened to you in your career that’s shocked you?

I can edit as fast as I am thinking on most, so it has had its great advantages. It’s not really my thing because you have to grow up with it as a child, and I grew up in a very remote mountain valley in Bavaria, where there were literally no books, no radio, no television, no phone. No, I think nothing really shocks me and I’m not afraid, it’s not in my dictionary.

All the while my mind wandered, thinking about if my new liquid lipsticks had been shipped yet, wondering what sheet mask I should apply tonight, when and if someone is gonna finally kill Ramsay Bolton’s ole sadistic ass. No, we had rather nice and lengthy conversations over the phone before we met face-to-face.

Standard for me, as I hate going on a first date completely foreign to the person I’d be spending the next few hours with.

Over your career you've made more than 70 films, both features and documentaries. Recently I must say I have almost exclusively seen feature films and feature films of the 1950s.

But it shifts, fascinations are shifting and I keep myself open. Hardly any of them but I try to see what young people nowadays are watching.

I find it very very astonishing how things have evolved, and I keep an eye on it, I don’t say, "Oh this is stupid," or "This is bad." I’m curious.

Do you prefer shooting digital or do you miss film? I still think that celluloid had its certain beauty that will not be completely matched by digital cinema, but digital of course has made my work much faster, much easier in many ways. For me, philosophy has always come out of experiences in the real world, challenges, dangers, work that I have done, encounters that I have had, all this has taught me to think deeper about what has happened to me, so I would say I do have a certain amount of philosophy, but it’s not out of books. You've also been shot at, jailed and had many other larger-than-life things happen when you're making films.There has been an avalanche of very young people coming at me in the last years who wanted to learn from me or who wanted to be an intern or assistant of mine and it has grown to such numbers that I felt I had to give a systematic answer, an organized answer, and here you have the Master Class which really goes in all sorts of details.You cannot really binge-watch it because I’m referring to literature and to other films, and you better immerse yourself in a different way. That’s a question I cannot really answer easily because I love to make feature films, I love to do documentaries, I love to act, for example as a villain in I’m good at that.You’ve said that reading is important to your filmmaking.

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Yes, in Master Class there are certain required books, and none of them have to do with filmmaking.

Christian was almost starved to death in the film — he had lost 65 pounds.

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