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Social forces appear to have directed much of the evolution of humanity but we are still subject to natural selection.

Primate taxonomy (see books: phylogeny, taxonomy, systematics) is in a state of flux due to the discoveries made in primate genetics.

sapiens (including Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon) (see the modern taxonomic classification of humans).

This formed the foundation of the neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory.

This environment has a living (other animals) and non-living component (e.g. Widgets A unique adaptation usually precedes the entry into a new niche .

Tool use by our early ancestors is one such adaptation.

At the onset of the 20th century, most scientists had accepted the great antiquity of the earth, the theory of evolution and that humanity had evolved from an ape ancestor, but by 1908 the fossil evidence of early man was scarce.

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God first completed the physical and biological constitution of humanity.

Once multicellular organisation became possible as atmospheric oxygen levels rose, the early multicellular organisms rapidly diverged into many adaptive forms.

Mass extinction events and an organism's unique adaptations mark the history of evolution, both of which may lead to adaptive radiation.

africanus (Dart, 1925) (including small brained australopithecines) (see books), H.

erectus (including the Java and Peking hominids - the archetypal Missing Link) and H.Scientists now have accurate methods (see below ) for dating fossils.

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