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Third-years spend the most time at the facility, investigating five mock crime scenes in a year: a hit-and-run, shooting, sexual assault, homicide and suspicious death.

Besides the cleaned-up blood in the master bedroom, teams also had to collect, seal and label a used condom and a torn condom wrapper.

In a second bedroom, there were three dark-red splotches on the floor; students were to collect samples from each for analysis in a later lab (unbeknownst to them, only one blot was human blood — the others were animal blood and motor oil).

And in the third, teams encountered stained panties and a sweater with a strand of hair hidden in the folds, where they had to collect the hair for evidence and use a UV light to properly see and photograph the stain.

“You know, sexual assault investigations are one of the ones I’m most passionate about,” Robertson said as he watched the suited-up students march upstairs, kits in hand, to the bedrooms.

Robertson was responsible for processing sexual assault kits that came in to Durham police for four years; he said it was “nothing” to come back to work after a weekend off to find five or six kits waiting for him.

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Getting to practise investigation techniques is just as important as understanding the theory behind them, adjunct professor and former Durham police detective constable David Robertson said.”The house, a former groundkeeper’s residence, is an older, unsuspecting two-storey structure surrounded by fields and small clusters of trees.

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