Brooke shields denies dating michael jackson

21-Apr-2015 06:40

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Brooke Shields: I think she would love that people were still interested at all in me and her and our relationship.I think she would think of it as a testament to the longevity that she always had hoped for. They've seen the bad reactions that people have to it.I just recently spent time with an old friend of mine. But I think it's important to record your honest reactions and thoughts and have it on paper so that you give it the resonance our past deserves.She had a very tumultuous tragic relationship with both her parents. Healthy Livin G: How would you think your mother would react to reading your book?But it wasn't until I felt the really sort of blatant disrespect and injustice, not so much personally about saying something unkind about my mother, but it raised the question for me as to where human decency was.Why is it okay in this society, now in this world of social media, where you can just say anything you want about anybody and not have to take responsibility for it? Healthy Livin G: Throughout your life, she obviously had influence on your thoughts and your actions.Healthy Livin G: And very hard to survive with a sensitive personality, in a harsh world of entertainment.Read: Lisa Marie Presley Brooke Shields: The world itself is pretty harsh, I have to say. I mean I have two little girls who are growing up in it and I'm desperate to protect them and give them the strength to be able to be confident in their ownthem selves and be able to stand up for themselves.

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Brooke Shields: I would always recommend people writing. I don't think you can definitely hope that it's going to be. In my case, it was just much more sad than cathartic.It ended up not even feeling like pressure because it was just… Plus she would sort of indicate that I wanted to do something else but she influenced me to do what she wanted. The time that we went to go interview an agent, I never had an agent, he even said, “I want to work with you.” He was this very high-powered agent with all these Academy Award winning actors. I can say easily that I still have love for my ex-husband, for my ex-boyfriends, that there was something that I won't deny just because it didn't continue the way it was going. She spent inordinate amounts of energy and time making sure I stayed in regular children's schools, I didn't go out to California and my sisters would come with me and my friends from school would go on trips with me.He said, “I want to work with your daughter, but you have to step down as her manager.” Not only would my mother never do that, it wasn't as if I could’ve made that choice and chosen to go with the agent and left her. It took me many, many years before I realized I needed to separate from her professionally in order to be where I wanted to be. Healthy Livin G: You dated several very famous people. So, I always had a play date with somebody who was not in the entertainment industry to keep a sense of normalcy, I would say. It's extremely rare to have a person in your life of a such consequence such as Michael Jackson, as it was becoming clear with time that Michael Jackson's art will survive us all.I wouldn't have had the strength to do it without his guidance and his help and care. As long as you're open to people and people affecting you and being open to learning from them, I think you're going to have many extraordinary relationships. But I was also aware of his sensitivity and the way his heart worked. Just innately, we both realized that we could trust each other.

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Healthy Livin G: Do you think it's possible to have that kind of connection more than once in a lifetime? That is something in the entertainment industry very hard to find.

Read: Elizabeth Hurley Healthy Livin G: Based on your experience with your mother, what do you teach your children about alcohol and other substances? So, I definitely watch them and make sure that I'm not causing them any need for concern.

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