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10-Oct-2015 01:46

So I mentioned the “tingly feeling” line to Phil in our discussion and that made him a bit self-conscious about tingly feelings. “The Amazing Race” premieres on Wednesday (February 25) night at after the “Survivor” premiere (before returning to Fridays two days later) and it feels entirely recognizable as “The Amazing Race,” with poor Detour choices, stupid transportation mistakes and desperate searches for English-speakers in a foreign land.But there's no doubt that the blind dating aspect of things produces some entirely new dynamics to the action and leads to some unpredictable results.Phil Keoghan: Well, you know, I”m a big fan of human dynamics.Nothing fascinates me more than really interesting people and human dynamics. Based on my whole philosophy, I wrote a list of all the things I love in life.So this was a human experiment that we set up on “The Amazing Race.” It really is the antithesis of any existing dating show. You”ll be jet-lagged, tired, grumpy.” It”s like the antithesis from a point of view that you”re showing yourself at your worst rather than putting yourself forward at what you want to be your best. But, you know, over the years our fans have said to us, “We love the preexisting relationships but we”re single and we want to meet somebody and could you pair us up with somebody?You mentioned “The Bachelor.” It”s like the antithesis of that because this isn”t, “Put on your nicest dress, put on some nice perfume, put some makeup on, go and have dinner and a candlelit dinner with beautiful music and the sound of the ocean in the background.” This is, “Wear whatever you want to wear. You are thinking less about your behavior to just impress the person because the most pressing thing going on in that moment is that you”ve got to make a flight or you”ve got to finish building a mud wall with manure and straw. ” This is not like something that just came up a little while ago.He discusses whether this season's challenges were tailored to the relationship twist and whether he went along on the newly added Date Night Rewards.

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” What was your reaction to finding yourself saying those words on “The Amazing Race”? It”s not like somebody put those words in my mouth that said, you know, “You must say these words.” I think when that moment happened I was looking at them looking at each other and it was my way of asking the question, like when you meet somebody you get like that butterfly – maybe I should have said butterflies.

Phil Keoghan: Yeah and hence the reasons that we have six couples who were in existing relationships.

You know that”s not what makes “The Amazing Race” all it is. You”ll be going doing all these different challenges.” Our show has always been a relationship show. Some of those relationships have been solid relationships. Right in the beginning in Season 1, if you remember Frank and Margarita, they were actually a separated couple.

And some fans panicked when they first heard this because they thought, “Oh my God, ' Amazing Race' is becoming a dating show.” We”re not making a dating show. It”s everything that you know about “The Amazing Race.” All we”ve done is we”ve incorporated this experiment of what happens when you bring 10 single people to the starting line who meet each other for the first time, who are all looking for love, who are going on what we believe is the most extreme blind date ever, who will finish this first Leg in 18 hours having run through mud, traveled across the world”s largest ocean, gone all the way to Japan, done a whole bunch of challenges and find themselves at the mat.

They”ve gone through that experience together and 18 hours ago they stared into each other”s eyes for the first time and maybe did or didn”t get that tingly feeling.

It's way too early to know if that'll be good or bad for the season, but it's different.

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