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10-May-2015 22:48

Revealed in "The Last Angry Mailman" (1987), Rebecca was nicknamed "Backseat Becky" for her behavior as a party girl while at the University of Connecticut.

In her early appearances, Rebecca appears as a confident, cool and collected businesswoman.

Rebecca began as a martinet and a "smart, tough businesswoman".

However, the writers were not thrilled with the character and did not find her funny.

Much of the show's humor in previous seasons had been based around the interaction and sexual tension between the womanizing, working-class main character, bartender Sam Malone, and the high-class, snobbish Diane.

Rebecca was intended to fill the gap as Sam's new female foil.

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Rebecca's sister Susan (Marcia Cross) is an actress and former Miss San Diego who has stolen her past boyfriends.

She's either strong and in control or way out there.

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