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26-Apr-2015 12:39

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Probably because I love Jodie Foster, and I’ve always thought that she’s probably a lot more interesting than her bland, privacy-seeking public persona indicated.If this were a heterosexual incident, it would be huge news, I think. UPDATE: Okay, there are mixed reports about whether Jodie said “beautiful Cynthia” or “beautiful Cydney”.Amanda is a well-known Hollywood club promoter and the widow of film director Ted Demme.She’s also been romantically linked to Lindsay Lohan.My mother said something like: “The gay community shouldn’t get so upset, because Jodie Foster is gay. Anyway, Jodie kind-of, sort-of finally publicly acknowledged her lesbianism back in 2007, in a speech thanking her “beautiful Cynthia”.She wouldn’t make a film that was too negative towards that community.” Yes, I’m equating my mother’s idle gaydar gossip with “general gossip”. This was after years of heavy speculation, solid reporting, and some coverage within the gay media community that I found a little rough on Jodie’s behalf.

amanda demme lindsay lohan dating-73

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The superstar actress is devastated that the woman for whom she dumped her longtime partner has rekindled a romance with an old flame.The two-time Oscar winner had met her new romantic interest, writer-producer Cindy Mort, while filming The Brave One in 2006.