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So what does this have to do with finding a hot Bulgarian chick? Looking online and via your mobile phone is a reasonable option before you go to Eastern Europe generally.In a country like Russia I might say just go there as there are too many uncovered riches.So be pragmatic like a Bulgarian and invest in a prepaid card and SIM and get local. Smart people faced with the complexities of lingering corruptions and inefficient markets.Bulgarians are not as laid-back as their Mediterranean neighbors, yet not as intense and organized as say a Poland. Their wealth is not limited by the creativity of the people, they are innovative, but rather the legacy of a post communistic bureaucracy and economic players in place.It does not have the territory to be a regional super power nor the wealth to be Switzerland (because of communism) nor the national pride of the French for example.Rather Bulgarians are more pragmatic people on a day-to-day level thinking about how to make their way in the new realities of the new economy.

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There were indications of settlement after 9,000 B. For a decade, researchers from the Florida Museum of Natural History have been excavating the Page-Ladson site, and this past fall [1996] they uncovered the ground surface of a Paleoindian habitation at a depth of 15 feet.

Other ways include the western ones mentioned above, and Myspace of course, but if you want to meet a real – normal Bulgarian girl try Bulgarian language mail servers and dating sites.