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It's a measure that the board has used for nearly three decades to decrease the prison population of nonviolent offenders and clear space for those convicted of violent crimes.For 17 years Little Rock has contracted with a private company to maintain the median along Chenal Parkway, while public rights of way elsewhere in the city have been left to crews from the Public Works Department.

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This is a legal issue that needs to be resolved, and it is a discussion the nation needs to have.Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are ineligible to be president because they do not meet the natural born citizen requirement outlined in the Constitution, according to a court order filed Monday.March is when the leprechaun delivers shamrocks, the Easter Bunny brings eggs and spring unloads a field of daffodils. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Monday that a shaky cease-fire in Syria is holding "by and large" despite sporadic fighting that continued across Syria and growing accusations of violations that threatened to derail the truce, now in its third day. — The final-days sprint to Super Tuesday has broke out into a feud over a white supremacist as Donald Trump's Republican rivals scramble to stop the billionaire businessman from becoming an "unstoppable" force in the 2016 presidential contest. -- Republican front-runner Donald Trump drew sharp criticism from his rivals in both major political parties Sunday for refusing to denounce an implicit endorsement from former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.TEHRAN, Iran -- A day after results in the capital showed a landslide victory for reformist and moderate allies of President Hassan Rouhani in Iran's parliamentary elections, state television Sunday reported a nationwide triumph for hard-liners. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, attended services at Cross Church in Springdale on Sunday morning, prompting the Rev. Y., is proposing that the Federal Aviation Administration be required to establish seat-size standards for commercial airlines, saying that moves to cut legroom and seat width have forced passengers to pack into planes "like sardines." Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality officials will hear public comments this week about the state's latest proposed list of polluted water bodies that require cleanup under the federal Clean Water Act.

Ronnie Floyd to publicly invite every other major-party candidate for the White House by name. The Lawrence County sheriff's office and the district court plan to soon post the names of people with unpaid court fines on Facebook pages and in the Walnut Ridge newspaper to collect more than million.

BEIRUT -- Warplanes carried out air raids Sunday on several parts of northern Syria as a top opposition official warned that continued violations of a fragile cease-fire could jeopardize a planned resumption of U. INSK, Belarus — More than 500 people marched through the capital of Belarus on Sunday to demand that the government scrap new requirements for small private businesses that they say impose an unfair burden.