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07-Feb-2015 13:58

He says he was taking classes and spending only a few hundred dollars a month, most of it on alcohol for parties.When he later went to UC Berkeley, where he lived at a campus co-op for about two months, his expenses were larger—0 or 0 a month, in his estimation.

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So he began taking classes in which he wasn't enrolled.“I was just sneaking into classrooms in literature and philosophy and poli-sci and even psychiatry,” he says. What kind of alibi to have or to behave with other students—what to tell, what not to tell,” he says. Dumas started taking classes at other campuses nearby: Concordia University, University of Montreal, and Mc Gill University. Providence, Rhode Island, the home of Brown University, was fewer than six hours away by car, and New Haven wasn’t much farther.Soon, sitting in on classes he wasn't signed up for started to feel natural. Dumas says he attended Yale in the spring of 2009, couchsurfing for about a month, and he spent time at Brown too.“There’s never been so many career or business opportunities in the world that don’t require a proper diploma,” he says.

His thinking aligns with skeptics such as Peter Thiel, whose eponymous fellowship grants young people 0,000 to pursue business ventures instead of studying at a university.

Of course, many students at both colleges receive some form of financial aid, but these are the sticker prices of diplomas there, and many students pay them in full.