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Even modern scientists speak of “knowing the mind of God”.This course will trace the history of these discoveries as they unfolded and discuss how they affected the ways we think about religion, the search for knowledge, and the meaning of human existence.Virginia has a Ph D in Clinical Hypnosis, and has a private practice in Wayland.

Leader: Virginia Slep holds a BA and an MA in English, and taught high school English for 35 years before her retirement.

Sediment underlying the Boston area was deposited by glaciers at the Bedrock under eastern Massachusetts is more closely related to that of Africa than to the bedrock of Worcester!

The New England climate in the past was tropical and the landscape was equatorial swampland!

No reports will be required but class participation will be encouraged and expected.

Reading: , by John Meacham, Pbk, .24, ISBN 978-0-8129-7346-4 Leader: Bernie Shuster earned a BA in history and a LLD at Boston University School of Law.There are variables, however, such as the amount and nature of weekly preparation, the opportunity or expectation for class members to give presentations, and the extent to which material is presented by the leader.