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All ages welcome, so please keep discussions at a PG rating!!!

There will eventually be a Book of Shadows and a huge files section containing tons of info on all types of path. The purpose of this list is to honor the Spirit of the Animals, and to discuss our relationships with animals, communication across species lines, and the ways in which animals act as teachers in our lives.

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We love to chat and have fun, sharing is our main topic here!Our animal teachers may be the individual companion animals who share our lives, animals whom we encounter in the wild, spirit guides who appear in dreams or shamanic visions, or the species whom we study from the viewpoint of science.Many indigenous peoples cultivate and honor their 'medicine' relationships with the animal and plant nations, viewing them as elder brothers/sisters in this Creation, as teachers, healers, messengers, and sources of spiritual power.Love mailing lists, but unfortunately don't have time for all the chit-chat that goes on?

This is a discussion list for sharing art and craft techniques, kitchen witch recipes, essential oil and herb formulations, building altars and altar tools or divination tools etc. The home for Alabama Witches and Pagans, but anyone from anywhere is free to join!!

It is my hope that we can all learn and grow together... Va-Pagans/This is an email group for the Pagans that live in the Central Virginia area (primarily Richmond, Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Fredericksburg, Harrisonburg; members from other areas of Virginia are also welcome) to learn, have fun, and be informed of community events.

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