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If you try to maintain control, dependencies will develop, and once dependencies start they are hard to stop.

Dependency can leave NGO volunteers feeling trapped and sometimes even leave negative impacts on the people you are trying so hard to help.

Without local knowledge, you may do more harm than good.

Money, when it does come, usually requires great amounts of paperwork and sometimes has strings attached.

Taking on projects beyond your comfortable limits won’t yield much benefit in the long run.

You are worth more to your NGO as a part time activist for 5-20 years than letting your passionate burn out in two years.

A good example of this attitude in action is the Starfish NGO of Cambodia.

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A Paypal donate button is a quick and easy way to accept donations from visitors to your website.

A good website helps you to spread the word, attract volunteers, secure funding and establish a professional appearance. Some hosting companies give free hosting to NGO sites. Making solid local contacts and understanding the locals’ worldview is especially important if you want to work in a foreign culture.