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20-Jul-2015 04:39

My account is compromised and block for unknown reason. Cannot open "red package" if the English language is set (opens only with Chinese).

When I try to login it gives message that your account is compromised or blocked due to suspicious login. When I tap ok the screen shows loading and remains in this status for infinite time. Lets be honest the developers for this only think that there are only i Phone and android users put there, this app is poorly optimised for windows mobile and it keeps getting worse..l can't download videos and pictures from i Phone users, not to mention using the other functions that are readily available on i Phone and android....truely pathetic Cannot download or watch pictures sent from i Phone.

“Uniqlo is serious about the sex video incident and the company has reported complaints to the media platforms that are involved as soon as the company got the information,” the statement said.

The We Chat scam reported to Ming Pao by one student in Richmond and two students in downtown Vancouver appears to be identical in its method and players to a We Chat sex-for-credit scam being reported in cities with large Chinese populations, including Singapore.

How the scam works is this: male students are approached on We Chat by what appear to be sexy female students; believing the person associated to a We Chat photo avatar is real, the men are engaged in friendly chatting, sometimes exchanging sexy pictures, and eventually the We Chat friend mentions that she dabbles in prostitution and will offer “services” for a fee.

Community Q&A We Chat is a popular alternative messaging program that allows you to chat with your contacts for free without spending any minutes.

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One of the most popular features of We Chat is the free video calling.

What they don’t know is the person they are texting with is a scammer, and likely a man. I” — a student interviewed by Ming Pao News who did not want his name revealed — he was told two hours of sex would cost 0 and he could enjoy services all night for 0.