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Read carefully what you do to remember your decisions next time you play.

All you need is a teensy bit of confidence and a spoonful of helpful advice.

We already know about a lot love stories, where two people meet on the web and get married after a few dates.

He just couldn't miss a chance to fuck such a magnificent young beauty.

Welcome to virtual sex date with Kim – adult game with four different endings and manu sex scenes.

Try to find all game’s endings by choosing various answers.

There is also a hidden sex scene – try to find it too!

Small talk : - But you defended me so chivalrously... "Eyes Set To Kill" - I need to ask - why the pink glasses? You know - Why did you break things up with what`s his name? Nice tatoos, by the way - Always the perfect student... About date : - Emily, you can`t just give up on men!

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The gameplay is short, and just hard enough to be intriguing, and the text is very well-written, and actually adds a lot to the game. I like the scrolling action during sex - getting the full body view.

Tit job, cum riding dick, cum on face, tonight was very special, ask for number.

Great game & nice graphics :) To get a date to remember: Kiss hand, thank her, strawberries, champagne, what she likes to do for fun, her job Sofa, hold hands, look at boobs, hand on thigh, ready for more Kiss lips, raise skirt, touch thighs, expose breast, spread legs, remove dress from boobs, remove dress completely, remove panties, suck finger, lick boobs, ask if ready for more.

Great game with good graphics and an exceptionally well-designed girl.

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This game could improve even more to last longer like longer story lines , more interactive with different locations. Pretty decent game, not a big fan of pasted on pussies but that`s just me. The game itself can be fairly tricky to get "ultimate date", but basically just keep restarting when you fuck up and you`ll figure it out.It's warm when you're warm and cold when you're cold. There are times that demand the direct approach, and then there are moments that demand you take time to make time. A stoic, faceless military man is what The Ladies see on the outside, and its a mystique thats scored me my share of home runs.