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29-Jan-2015 13:26

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Bangalore is known for its pleasant weather and that day was no exception. The project I was working on had recently ended thus not much work was anticipated for another couple of days.

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Though her age is 38, she looks 25 as a result of regular yoga and exercise. Normally she does all the planning and I am called in only to make the payments…so this was a real departure from the norm for us…even though we had been married for 10 years.He showed her around the house, the bedrooms, balcony, drawing room, study room, the big bathroom with its tub, the shower and the kitchen. He had a good business selling used books and CDs and life insurance in a little office on the edge of Kolkata’s business district. Theirs had been a perfect match, both in the sense that they shared lots of interests, and because the sex had been fantastic for both of them.He also had a secret profession – but that’s another story. But all this was due to the insurance settlement that resulted from the death of his wife. They’d spent untold hours learning how to satisfy each other and had been trying to get her pregnant when she’d been killed by a drunk driver. He couldn’t abide the thought of dating after that, and had remained both single and pretty much celibate since then.This is the story of Yamini, her fiancee Venkatesh and her lover Sanjeev.

This incident is real and happened during the engagement days of Yamini and Venkatesh. The marriage was planned next year when he would be able to get a longer leave and take her along with him.

I came to know about a dimension of human nature which is totally animal.

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