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Similar blots were performed for all lines used in this study. Similarly, female adults showed significantly higher levels of red fluorescence than adult males. T4-NLS expression was particularly strong in the abdomen but expression was also detected in head and thorax.(D) Schematic representation of the UAS-Red Stinger reporter [ insulator elements (I). Subsequent experiments were performed using third instar larvae, as low levels of Ds Red.In contrast, the NSL complex is enriched at promoter regions of many autosomal and X-linked genes in both sexes.

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Immunostaining of polytene chromosomes showed that Gal4-MOF co-localized with MSL1 to many sites on the X chromosome in male but not female nuclei.

The stringent H4K16 substrate specificity of the MSL complex requires a nucleosomal substrate and integration of MOF into the complex.