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18-Aug-2015 00:30

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Sex Art - Linda Sweet - Simply Love Andrej Lupin’s “Simply Love” gets off to an innocent start when lost tourist Chad Rockwell gets talking to sexy Czech redhead Linda Sweet while vacationing in Mallorca.

Their chemistry is instant, and what follows is a passionate celebration of love at first sight, as the couple reminisces about their first meeting.

Kissing ardently, Linda unzips Chad’s pants, pulls out his turgid cock and starts sucking up and down the length of its throbbing shaft.

The sexual exploration continues with Chad between Linda’s spread legs lapping at her shaven and pierced labia.

Staring directly into your eyes her hands move sensually all over her perfect body until she slips her thumbs into the sides of her panties and pulls them down for a tantalizing peek at her pussy, which is smooth but topped by finely trimmed fuzz.

She bites her bottom lip gently and unfastens her bra.

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As her excitement grows, she sucks her fingers deep enough to gag, but she fights the reflex.

She also brings the lit wick as close to her skin as she dares, sometimes too close – it does no harm but she winces in pleasure-pain.

As the wax hits the trimmed, oiled pubes on her mound, she salivates and licks her fingers lasciviously, like she’s switched from sucking cock to eating pussy.

In a breathtaking overhead shot of her wax-encrusted curves, Emily lights another cigarette, tosses the match and sets oil from an overturned lamp alight… Seemingly unperturbed by the blaze burning next to her, she lights a third candle in the fire and sucks on the butt-end, deep-throating it, one hand stroking the shaft as the other pumps the candle in her pussy.

A second candle is dipped into a jar of oil and slid into her snatch like a dildo – then the protruding end is lit.

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