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24-Dec-2016 19:31

Kelly: To be fair, there’s nothing inherently wrong with this photo, but the first thing that came to mind the second I saw it was “pretentious high school senior photography” I can hear someone behind the camera saying “ok now look longingly off into the distance, as if you’re gazing into your future…or waiting for a cab”.Jennifer: I like this photo, but only if it was just one of the photos #2 had to offer.His shirt may be brand new and freshly cleaned, but it looks worn out and dirty.If the classic bathroom mirror pose is honestly the only picture you can get of yourself, at least be classy enough to remove the tampon bags from the background.

Amanda: This picture shows what an attractive guy he is, but nothing else. Kelly: I’ve been on OKCupid for probably 8 years now, and there seems to be this unspoken contest between all the men on who has the manliest outdoorsy photo.And his mirror is dirty, which makes him look like he soiled his shirt.His facial expression does not get me excited either; he looks really, really bored. He looks like he’s waiting for the bus and forgot to bring something to keep him occupied…Bathroom lights are not designed to make you look good.

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They are designed to show you every flaw before you walk out into the world.

So without further ado, I give you your judges: Amanda – 24, Production Assistant Jennifer – 32, Web Tech Catherine – 35, Librarian Emily – 28, Interactive Development Manager Caroline – 31, Teacher Kelly – 26, Massage Therapist So enough rambling from me. Amanda: The bathroom cellphone pictures always remind me of girls on Facebook.