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26-Aug-2015 13:48

About a decade ago, he set out to determine if the female sex drive was indeed weaker than the male sex drive.

He was inspired to do so when he noticed, in the course of his research, that the influence of "cultural and social factors on sexual behavior ...

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Bergner thinks that monogamy is society's way of constraining female sexuality.

We may doubt the standard, wondering if it is misguided, and we may fail to uphold it, but still we look to it as to something reassuring and simply right.

It defines who we aim to be romantically; it dictates the shape of our families, or at least it dictates our domestic dreams; it molds our beliefs about what it means to be a good parents.

consistently turned out to be stronger on women than on men."On measure after measure, Baumeister found, women were more sexually adaptable than men.

Lesbians, for instance, are more likely to sleep with men than gay men are with women.Reports indicate that women's attitudes to sex change more readily than men's do.

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