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They walked me into the beautiful colorful royal baths.

As I entered, I saw three huge pools covered in blue tiles with hundreds of lotus flowers floating on the water.

The view of the miles long Nile River was gorgeous, and the pyramids could also be seen through the square opening.

Akhen looked into my eyes and down at my breasts and legs, taking me all in. He told me I was going to be his exquisite company for the night, and smiled at me in a sexy way. He looked into my eyes, smiled and glanced at my breasts again.

I spoke to them in Arabic, trying to explain to them I knew the pharaoh’s son, Akhanamenoon and was in Egypt only for one night.

I was determined to spend the night at the beautiful palace regardless of what I had to do.

I unbuttoned the top of my blouse and pulled upon the bottom, kissing both of the guards and rubbing my breasts across their buff chests.

After drying me with linen towels, they clothed me in a transparent white Egyptian dress.

The large gold and turquoise belt cinched the dress in the middle, showing my tiny waist.

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