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The range of song subjects is huge, including: loves lost and found, bad men, good men, adventures, great events, protest & political, comedy, outlaws, in-laws, religious, inspirational, carols & hymns, etc, you name it, you will find it here.

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window How Much Is That Hound Dog In The Window How Paddy Stole The Rope How Pretty The Moon Looks Tonight Hudson River Steamer Hugh Spencers Feats In France Human Freedom Humboldt Wassail Song Humoresque Hundred Years From Now Hunger In The Air Hungry Child(german) Hungry Child Hunter In His Career Hunting Of The Wren Hunting The Wren Hunting We Will Go Hunt The Wren Huron Carol(2) Huron Carol Hurrah Hurrah A Ranogate Husbandman And Servingman Hush-a-ba Birdie Croon Hush-a-bye My Bairnie Hushie Ba Birdie Beeton Hush Ye My Bairnie Hymn Hymn Of Freedom Icarus Icy Acres Ida Lewis Idlers And Skivers(knocking At The Door) Id Rather Make Coffee Than Love If Hed Be A Buckaroo If I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate If I Had My Way If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day If I Were A Featherbed If The River Was Whiskey If Youre Irish Come Into The Parlor If You Could See Me Now Ill Hae A Piper Ill Hae Nae Mair O Yer Cheese Ill Never Get Home To My Darling Tonight Ill Never Go Back Ill Not Marry At All Ill Take My Sorrow Straight Ill Take The Legs(from Some Old Table) Ill Tell Ma Ill Tell My Ma Ill Tell You Where They Are Image Of God Impossible Code Impossible Dream Im An Honest Irish Laborer Im A Little Orphan Girl Im A Lumberjack Im A Mother Im A Writer Im A Nut Im A Villain Im Called Little Caroline Im Changing My Name To Chrysler Im Glad Im A Man Im Glad Im A Woman Im Going To The West Im Gonna Tell Im Goung For A Walk Im In Jail Again Im Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail Im Looking Over My Dead Dog Rover Im Only On A Journey Here Im On My Way Im On My Way To Freedom Land Im So Lonesome I Could Cry Im The Man That Rode The Mule Round The World Incest Incredibly Foolish Industrial Disease Influenza Institute Into The Air Into The Air Junior Birdmen Invitation To Lubberland In 1795 In Alabama 1958 In A Cabin In The Woods In Dark In Heaven There Is No Beer In My Garden Grew Plenty Of Thyme In My Liverpool Home In My Time Of Dyin In New York Town In Our Town In Praise Of Christmas In Summertime On Bredon In The Ambulance In The Deep In The Garden In The Good Old Summertime In The Halls In The Heat Of The Summer In The Middle Of The House In The Old Bazaar In Cairo In The Pit From Sin Set Free In The Vintertime In The Woods There Stands A House In The Year 2525 Iona Boat Song Iq Test Ireland Shall Rebel Irish Girls Irish Lovers(curragh Of Kildare) Irish Rebel Spy Irish Soldier Boy Irish Ways And Irish Laws Iron Navy Irving The Rover Island Of Bothies Isle Of Innisfree Isle Of Skye Isnt It Queer How Some Women Drink Beer Is There Anybody Here Like Mary A-weepin Is Your Lamps Gone Out Itll Come Back Its Alright Ma Its Only Witchcraft Its Always The Right Time For Love Its Dangerous Out Here Its Hard To Be Humble Its Organic Its Sister Jennys Turn To Throw The Bomb Its Tragic It Aint Gonna Rain It Came Upon The Midnight Clear It Had To Be Hugh It Must Have Been The Wine It Rained A Mist It Soon Be Done It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry It Was A Lover And His Lass Ive A Laddie In America Ive Been A Gay Rovin Young Fellow Ive Been Everywhere Ive Been To Harlem Ive Built A Better Model Than The One At Data General Ive Got A Ferret Ive Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts Ive Got Better Things To Do Ive Got The Clanks I Aint Got Long To Stay On This Island I Am A Pretty Little Dutch Girl I Am A Rover I Am Lard I Am Lord I Am Stretched On Your Grave I Am The Common Man I Belong To Glasgow I Bid You Goodnight I Came To A Western Island I Cant Help It(if Im Still In Love With You) I Can Sail I Care Not For These Ladies I Caught A Keeper I Courted A Wee Girl I C I Song(chemical Workers Song) I Dig Sex I Dont Like My Boomerang I Dont Want To Go To War I Dreamed About Mother Last Night I Dream Of Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair I Got Mine I Had An Coat I Had A Hat When I Came In I Had A Wee Cock I Had A Wife I Hate The Company Bosses I Heard A Cow Low I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling I Ken Something I Know An Old Canaller I Know Youre Married I Know You Rider I Learned About Horses From Her I Lost My Wife On A Setterday Nicht I Loved A Lad I Love A Sausage I Love The Daffodils I Love The Night I Love The Trees I Made A Big Mistake I Maun Hae My Goon Made I Met A Man Wha Speerd At Me I Mourn For The Highlands I Never Thought My Love Would Leave Me I Once Was A Carman In The Big Mountain Con I Remember Loving You I Saw My Countrys Flag Go Down I Saw The Light I See The Moon I Sing Of A Night I Still Have Joy I Thought You Were An Arab I Useta Lover I Wadna Hae A Baker I Wanna Go Back To Dixie I Want A (various) I Was Born About 10000 Years Ago I Was Once A Sailor I Was Only 19(a Walk In The Light Green) I Will Arise I Will Go I Will Meet You In The Morning I Wished I Was A Rock I Wish I Was A Bobbie I Wish I Was Single Again I Wish I Wish I Wonder What Is Keeping My True Love Tonight I Wonder When I Shall Be Married I Wonder Wheres The Gambler I Would I Were I Would Not Be Alone I Would That The Wars Were All Done Jackaro Jackhammer John Jack In The Green Jack Orion Jack Rowland Jack Sheppard Jack Tar(2) Jacobs Ladder Jamestown Flood James Alley Blues James Ervin James Grant James Hatley James James Morrison Morrison James Telfer Of The Fair Dodshead Jamie Foyers Janie On The Moor January Man Jan Carol And Warren Jay Goulds Daughter Jb Marcum Jealous Brothers Jennies Bawbee Jennie Jenkins Jennys Bawbee Jenny Jenkins Jerseywocky Jesse James(i Wonder Where My Poor Old Jesses Gone) Jesus Loves Me Jim Jimmy And His Own True Love Jimmy Brown The Newsboy Jimmy Clay Jimmy Murphy Jimmy Raeburn Jim Crow Joanie Joanna The Rowen Joan Of Arc Theyre Calling You Jockie Tam An Jockie Till Jock O The Side Jock Sheep Jock Speak And Sandy Joe Mcdonnel Johnny And Betsy Johnny Armstrong(2) Johnny Be Fair Johnny Blunt Johnny Bucca Johnny Dolans Cat Johnny German Johnny Lad Johnny Lovely Johnny Johnny Mcgory Johnny My Man Johnny Sands Johnny Stewart Drover Johnny Zero Johnsons Motor Gar Johnson Gal John Adair John Ball John Barleycorn A Ballad John Bolyn John Francois John Funston John Hamilton John Hardy John Henry John Hielandman John Macanantys Courtship John Patersons Mare John Singleton John White Jolly Bold Robber Jolly Miller Jolly Old Hawk Jolly Pinder Of Wakefield Jolly Ploughboy Jolly Tinker 3 Jolly Waggoner Jolly Well Drunk Jonah And The Grampus Joseph Mica Journeyman Tailors Journey Home Journey To My Saviours Side Joy To The World Jubilee Jubilee Road Jubilee Sovreign Judas Judgement Day Juggling Jug Of Punch 2 Julie Jump Rope Chants June Apple Just As The Tide Was Flowing Just A Bug At Twilight Just A Few More Days Just The Facts Maam Katie Beardie Katie Morgan Katy Cruel Katy Daley Kaw-liga Keel Row Iii Keep On Fishin Keep On The Sunnyside Keep On Truckin Keep On Truckin Mama Keep Yor Feet Still Geordie Hinney Kelleys Irish Brigade Kelley The Pirate Iii Kellswater Kelly The Pirate Kelly The Pirate Ii Kemo Kimo Kempy Kay Kemp Owyne Kenny Wagner Kenny Wagners Surrender Keyhole In The Door Key Of R Kilbogie Kilkelly Killarney Killer Kinfolks In Carolina Kings Disguise And Friendship With Robin Hood Kings Navy Kings Request Must Be Obeyed Kings Shilling King Arthur(3 Jolly Rogues Variant) King Arthur And King Cornwall King David Had A Pleasant Dream King Fareweel King James Against The Anti-christians King James And Brown King Of Annwn King Of Ballyhooley King Of Rome King Of The Faeries King O Luve Kinmont Willie Kirk Douglas Ghoulie Kissing Song Kitchie Boy(d) Kitchie Boy A Kitty Of Coleraine Klan Kleenex-ex Knave Knife In The Window Knights Ghost Knight And The Shepherds Daughter Knight Of Liddesdale Knocka De Hanford Down Knockin Down Windows Know Ye The Land Knoxville Girl Korea Kyng Estmere Lacadie Laddie Lie Near Me Laddie With The Golden Hair Laddy Lye Near Me Ladies Ladies Case Lads O The Fair Lads O Wamphray Lady Dysie 2 Lady Elspat Lady Franklins Lament Lady Isabel And The Elf-knight Lady Isobel Lady Jean Lady Keiths Lament Lady Leroy Lady Leroy 2 Lady Margaret Lady Margaret 2 Lady Odivere(grey Silkie 3) Lady Of Arngosk Lady Of Skin And Bone Lady Of Spain Lady Of The Lake Lad In The North Laidley Worm Laird Of Blackwood Laird Of Wariston Lambton Worm Lament Lamenting Maid(curragh Of Kildare) Lament For Staker Wallis Lament For The Last Of The Seaforths Lament Of The Reservist Lancashire Lass Landladys Daughter Landlord Landlords Daughter Land God Gave To Cain Land O The Leal Lang Johnny Moir Lark In The Clear Air Larry Grogan Larry Grogan 2 Larry Grogan Notes Lassie Gathering Nuts Lassie Wha Never Says No Lass From The Low Country Last Bouquet Last Game Of The Season Last Letter Home Last Night I Had A Happy Dream Last Night Of November Last Saskatchewan Pirate Last Time Last Unicorn Last Words Of Copernicus Laurel Hill Lavender Blue Lawson Murder Lazy Lout La Bastringue La Colombe La Laine Des Moutons La Marseillaise Leader Of The Band Leaves That Are Green Lea Rig Leesome Brand Lee Harvey Was A Friend Of Mine Left - Right Legion Of The Rearguard Lemon Tree(mit Parody) Leo Mcguires Song Leprauchan Les Raftsmen Lets All Sing Like The Birdies Sing Lets Go To The Woods Lets Pretend Letters From My Father Let All That Are To Mirth Inclined Let Erin Remember The Days Of Old Let It Be Your Lullaby Let Me In This Ae Nicht Let No Man Steal Your Thyme Let No Man Steal Your Thyme Thyme Let Onion Be Let The Bulgine Run Let The Lower Lights Be Burning Let The Rest Of The World Go By Let The Rest Of The World Go Dry Let Union Be In All Our Hearts Let Us The Infant Greet Let Your Light Shine On Me Le Chant Des Ouvriers Buvons Le Deserteur Le Roi A Fait Battre Tambour Le Temps Des Cerises Lias Laddie Liberty Tree(2) Licht Bobs Lassie Lifebelt Washed Up On The Shore Lifeboat Mona Lifes Railway To Heaven Lifes Trolley Ride Life Is A Ballgame Lighthouse(shine On Me) Lighthouse Light At The River Light Dragoon Lilac Sunday Ballad Lily The Pink(3) Lily The Pink Lil Ole Kiss Of Fire Lincoln Duncan By Paul Simon Lindberg The Eagle Of The Usa Linemans Hymn Linin Track Linplum Windings Listen To The Mockingbird Little Ball Of Yarn(3) Little Birdie Little Birdie Went Away Little Blossom(2) Little Cat Little Darling Pal Of Mine Little Drummer Boy Little Fighting Chance Little Guiding Light Of Mine Little Gypsy Girl Little Husband Little Indians Little John A-begging Little John A-begging 2 Little Manikin Little Maumee Little Mohea Little Over One With Tother Little Pee-dee Little Rabbit Fufu Little Red Rooster Little Sally Walker Little Satchel Little Sir William Little Star Treks Little Stream Of Whiskey(the Dyin Hobo) Little Willie Living Legend Living On The Land Living On The River Lobachevsky Lochmaben Harper Logan County Court House Logs To Burn London Ball Lonesome Dove Lonesome Dove 3 Lonesome Road Lonesome Roving Wolves Lonesome Valley Lone Fish Ball Lone Rock Song Long Chain On Long Gone Long John Moore Long Lonesome Road Long Long Trail Long Tall Mama Long Time Travelin Lonnigans Widow Lookin For The Bully Of The Town Lookout Hill Look To The Rainbow Lord Abore And Mary Flynn Lord Beichan(2) Lord Beichan And Susie Pye(2) Lord Delamere Lord Gregory Lord Livingston Lord Lovel Lord Lundy Lord Marlborough Lord Maxwells Last Goodnight Lord Of Lorn And The False Steward Lord Of The Dance Lord Of The Land Lord Thomas And Fair Annet G Lord Thomas And Fair Elender Or The Brown Girl Lord Thomas And Lady Margaret Lord Thomas Stuart Loser Loss Of The Evelyn Marie Loss Of The Scotch Patrick Lost Lady Found Loudon Hill Or Drumclog Louisiana Saturday Night Lousy Miner Lovesick Blues Love Has No Pride Love In The Tub Love In Vain Love Is A Merry Go Round Love Is Teasing Love Of God Shave Love Song Loving Hannah Loving Nancy 2 Lower The Yawl Boat Down Lowlands Lowlands Of Holland Lowlands Of Missouri Lo How A Rose Eer Blooming Lucky Lindy Ludgin Wi Big Aggie Lukeys Boat Lula Viers Lumberjacks Prayer Lumber Camp Song Lumpy Tums Lum Hat Wantin The Croon Lusty Young Smith Lydia The Tattoed Lady Lyke Wake Dirge Macalister Dances Before The King Macarthys Party Maccrimmons Lament Macgregors Gathering Macnamaras Band Macushla Madam La Marquise Mad Dogs And Englishmen Maggie Maggie Dear Maggie Lauder Maggie Was A Lady(frankie N Johnny Variant) Magic Penny Mahan Stein Song Maidens Lament 2 Maidens Song Maiden Did Bathing Go Maid And The Palmer Maid And The Robber Maid In Bedlam Maid Of Australia Maid Of Cabra West Maid Of Fainey Maid Of Newfoundland Maid Of The Sweet Brown Knowe Major Andrews Execution Make Me Operations Mamas Dont Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys Mama Dont Low Mama Sings Mandy Mandy Lane(keep On Truckin Mama) Many Times Before - Patrick Sky Many Young Men Of Twenty Man In The Middle Man Of The Earth Man Piabba Man Without A Woman Maple Leaf Forever Maple On The Hill Maple Syrup Song Marauder Marching Through Rochester Marchin To Pretoria March Of The Cameron Men Margery Grey A Legend Of Vermont Marian Parker 1 Maria Durch Ein Dornwald Ging Marilyn Monroe Marriage Of Sir Gawaine Marry No Not I Mars Bars Mars For Evermore Martin Luther King For President Maryanne Maryborough Miner Marys Dream Mary And The Soldier Mary Ann 2 Mary Dear Mary Fagan Mary Go Round Mary Had A Little Clone Mary Hamilton(2) Mary Martindale Mary Riley Massas In De Cold Cold Ground Master Of The Sheepfold Match In The Gas Tank Boom Boom!

Matilda Mauling Live Oak Maurice Crotty Maven Max(to The Tune Of You Gotta Have Heart) Mayor Of Bordeaux May Day Carol(2) May Morning Carol May Morning Dew May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You Mazlins Mill Ma Sheela Mckinleys Rag Mcphersons Lament Mcsorleys Twins Mean Talking Blues Media Meeting Is Over Meeting Song Megan Murphy Melville Castle Memory Of You Men Men Behind The Wire Men Of Ninety-eight Men Of The Sea Men Of Worth Mermaid(4) Mermaid(rule Britannia)(2) Merman Merry Christmas From The Family Merry Ploughboy Message Methodist Pie Metrorail Song Me And Bobby Mcgee Me And Little Andy Me Brave Boys Michael Blanns Drinking Song Michael Dwyer Michael Finnegan Mick Sullivans Mad Clock Microsoft Christmas Middle Ground Midnight Midnight Moonlight Midnight Murder Of The Meeks Family Midnight Special Mighty Day Mighty Fortress Is Our God Mighty Lak A Rose Mike Fink Milking Pail Millers Will Miller Tae My Trade Mill Mothers Lament Mill Worker Milwaukee Blues Miners Fate Miners Prayer Miner Lad Minimum Wage Strike Minnie Quay Minstrel Minx From Pinsk Missing Miss Fogartys Christmas Cake Mist Covered Mountains Of Home Mit Model Church Molly Doyle The Heroine Of Ross Mommas Soup Surprise Money Marbles And Chalk Monkeys Wedding Monkey And The Engineer Monkey Turned Barber Monongahela Sal Monster Science Montana Month Of January Month Of May Mon Like Thee Moonshine Can Moon Dancing Morning Come Maria Gone Morrissey And The Black Moth Mother Mothers Daughter Wives Mothers Last Words To Her Daughter Mother I Come Home To Die Mother Machree Mother Morning Mother The Queen Of My Heart Mother Trucker Motorway Song Mountain Meadows Massacre Move Yourself Over For Me Moving Fathers Grave Mower Mowing The Barley Mo Ghile Mear Mo Ri Geal Dileas Mrs Adlams Angels Mrs Roosevelt Mr Block Mr Mudd And Mr Gold Mr Tambourine Man Muckin O Geordies Byre Muir And The Master Builder Mulberry Bush Mule Get Up In The Alley Musics The Very Best Thing Musselburgh Field My Ain Folk My Collier Laddie My Creole Belle My Daddy Is Only A Picture My Fathers Servant Boy My Gal Sal My Gentle Harp My Girl Shes Airy My God How The Money Rolls In My Good Old Man My Green Valleys My Heart Is In Ireland My High Silk Hat My Homes Across The Smokey Mountains My Home Town My Husbands Got No Courage In Him My Johnny Was A Shoemaker My Lagan Love My Lassie Shes Bonnie My Little Carpenter My Little Maureen My Love Is A Rider My Love Loves My Madonna My Master And I My Name Is Clarence My Old Brown Earth My Old Man(2) My Own Dear Galway Bay My Own Dear Native Land My Proper Name Is Clarence My Proud Mountains My Rough And Rowdy Ways My Son In Americay My Son John My Sweethearts The Man In The Moon My Sweetheart Went Down With The Maine My Wifes Cousins Names Nancys Whisky Nancy Brown Nannys Hymn Naomi Naomi Wise Napalm Sticks To Kids Napoleon Bonaparte Napper Tandy Nat Goodwin Naughty Baby Neath The Gloamin Star At Een Ned Kellys Farewell To Greta Neighbours Cat Nell Nelsons Farewell Nelsons Victory At Trafalgar Nervous Wreck Of The Edna Fitzgerald Never Hit Granny Never Hit Your Granny With A Shovel Never Let Your Braces Dangle Never Throw A Lighted Lamp At Mother Never Turning Back Never Weather-beaten Saile Newry Highwayman New Chum Crutcher New Moon Over My Shoulder New Morning Dew New Mown Hay New River Train New Slain Knight New Song New Temperance Song New York Girls(2) New York Trader Nice People Like Us Nightingale Night Pat Murphy Died Night Riders Lament(why Do You Ride For Your Money) Night They Drove Old Dixie Down Ninety-eight Nine Gold Medals Noahs Ark Shanty Nobby Hall Noblemans Wedding Noble Fisherman Or Robin Hoods Preferment Noble Lads Of Canada Noble Lord Hawkins Nobody Knew She Was There Nobody Knows The Trouble Ive Seen Noo Im A Young Man Cut Down In My Prime Northeast Passage Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen Northumberland Betrayed By Douglas North Country Tragedy North Sea Holes Nostradamus Notwork Southeast Nowel Syng We Nowhere Man Now Didnt Old Noah Build The Ark Now Im 64 Now That The War Is Over No Churchman Am I No Hiding Place Down There No Man Is An Island No More Fish No Fishermen No More My Lord No Regrets No Sir No No Tears For The Widow Number Fifteen Sunscreen Number Two Top Seam Nuts In May Nut Brown Maiden Nut Song Oak Ash And Thorn Oats And Beans And Barley Ocean Burial Ocean Ranger October Roses Ode To Biddy Mcgee Ode To Joy(german) Odonnell Abu(the Clan Connell War Song) Oedipus Rex Off To Dublin In The Green Off To Philadelphia Off To The Sugarbush Again Of All The Birds Of Mice And More Mice Oh! Oh Brandy Leave Me Alone Oh Death(2) Oh Death(3) Oh For Six Oclock Oh Genevieve Oh Had I A Golden Thread Oh How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning Oh Mary Dont You Weep Oh My Love Is Gone(sussex) Oh My Rolling River Oh Run Let The Bullgine Run(halliards Shanty) Oh See How Thick The Goldcup Flowers Oh Shepherd Oh Shepherd Or The Sheep Are In The Wilderness Oh That Low Bridge Oh The Wind And Rain(the Two Sisters) Oh What A Face! Okie From Muscogee Old And Only In The Way Old Apple Tree Old Beer Bottle Old Bill Pickett Old Blue Suit Old Browns Daughter Old Coal Miner Old Cow Old Cowboys Lament Old Cowhand From Rio Grande Old Crumley Or More Work In A Day Old Dan Tucker Old Devil Time Old Dolores Old Door Step Old Dope Peddler Old Family Toothbrush Old Fenian Gun Old Fish Song Old Folks At Home Old Fox Wassail 2 Old Georges Square Old Gospel Ship Old Grannau Weal Old H-u-a-c Old Home Place Old Jack Frost Old Kentucky Home Old King Coul(3) Old Love Old Maid Old Maid And The Burglar Old Maid Song Old Man Old Mans Song(don Quixote) Old Mans Tale Old Miner Old Molly Hare(old Mother Hare) Old Mother Riley Old Mother Shipton Old Oaken Bucket Old Plank Road Old Robin Of Portingale Old Rugged Cross Old Scouts Lament Old She-crab Old Songs(2) Old Songs Old Southern Town Old Sow(2) Old Sow Took The Measles Old Spinning Wheel Old Stepstone Old Woolie Ol Ginny Mine Ol Man River Ol Mickey Brannigans Pup Once I Knew A Pretty Girl Once I Loved One Bottle Of Pop One Day At A Time Sweet Jesus One Elephant One Fine Day One Mans Hands One Man Shall Mow My Meadow One Meatball One More Day One More River One Morning In May One Oclock The Gun Went Off One Sure Thing One Tin Soldier Only A Boy Named David Only Doing Their Job Only Seventeen On A Cold Winters Night On A Monday Morning On Board The Victory On Eagles Wings On Midsummer Day On One April Morning On The Good Ship Enterprise On The Other Hand On The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine(2) On The Verge On Top Of Old Smoky(4) On Your Way Home Open Book Open The Door Softly Opinions Of Paddy Magee Oranges And Lemons Orange Blossom Special Oran Sugraidh Oregon Country Oreilly And The Big Mcneill Original Talking Blues Oriley Orphans Lament Orphan Child Orphan Girl Orphan Train Other Christmas Song Other Day I Met A Bear Ould Father Dan Our Bill Our Chalet Our House( Very Fine House) Outlaw Murray Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends Outward Bound Out Behind The Barn Out Of Luck Out On Another Highway Over And Over Again Over The River And Through The Woods Over Yonder Where The Lilies Grow Ox-plough Song O Dutiful Rapacious Lies O For Ane And Twenty Tam O Kenmures On And Awa Willie O Logie O Buchan O Sacred Head Now Wounded O Slaves Of Toil Packrat Philosophy Paddle Down The Rahway Paddlin Madelin Home Paddos Song Paddy Lay Back Paddy Mcglntys Goat Paddy On The Railway Painful Plough Pair Of Brown Eyes Palace Of The Czar(shootin With Rasputin) Palms Of Victory Paper Of Pins Paranoia Partans In His Creel Parting Song Passing Thru Pass The Biscuits Miranda Pass The Music On Patches Patchwork Quilt Path Across The Ocean Patrick Oneal Patrick Spencer Patriot Maid Patsy Oree Ay Pat Molloy Pat Of Mullingar Pat Reilly Pay Me My Money Down Peaceful Easy Feeling Peace In The Valley Peace I Ask Of Thee Oh River Peach Picking Time In Georgia Pearl Bryan Pearl Of The Irish Nation Pease Brose Again Mither Peat Bog Soldiers(3) Peat Bog Soldiers Pecos Bill Peddler And His Wife Pee Little Thrigs Peggy And The Soldier Pele Is My Goddess Pender Harbour Fishermans Come All Ye Pennyworth Of Pins People Get Ready Perfect Husband Persian Kitty Peter Amberlay Peter Clarke Peter Patter Ower The Watter Peter Street Pheasant Plucking Song Philosophers Song Philosophic Man Phil The Fluthers Ball Phyllis And The Shepherd Pick Poor Robin Clean Picture At St Helene Pig And The Inebriate Pig And The Inebriate 2(long Version) Pig And The Inebriate 3 Pig In A Pen Pilgrim Pills Of White Mercury Pillycock(billycock) Piney Wood Hills Piper Sandy Pirates Song Pity The Downtrodden Landlord Plains Of Waterloo Plant Plant The Tree Plastic Plastic Jesus(2) Plastic Jesus Playmate Please Mr Columbus Please Mr Conductor Plea For One World Plea For Order Ploughboy Plow Under Polly Vaughn Polly Wolly Doodle Poor Boy Poor Ellen Smith(3) Poor Mans Sorrows Poor Ned Poor Old Horse Poor Old Slave Poor Young Girl Posie Potlatch Fair Poussie Poussie Baudrons Poverty Hill Praise We The Lord Preacher And The Bear(2) Precious Friend Present From The Gentlemen Pressers Press Gang Preston Guild Pretendy Land Pretty Bessy Milkmaid Pretty Betsey Pretty Peg Pretty Peggy Pretty Peggy Of Derby O Pretty Polly Pretty Sarah Pretty Saro Pretty Susie The Pride Of Kildare Price Of My Pig Prickilie Bush Pride Of Petrovar Priggish Tom And Piddly Pie Prince Charles And Flora Macdonalds Welcome To Sky Prince Charlie Stuart Prince Eugene Prince Heathen Prince Robert Prisoners Dream Private John Q Private Property Prodigals Resolution Prodigal Son Promusica Antiqua Proper English Gentleman Proud Lady Margaret Provincials Farewell Psalm Pub With No Beer Puddy And Mouse Puff The Magic Drag-on Pumpkinville Push Boys Push Put Another Log On The Fire Put It In A Cool Dry Place Put It On The Ground 2 Put Your Shoes On Lucy Queensland Overlanders Queenstown Mourner Queen Anne Front Queen Eleanors Confession Queen Mary Queen Marys Escape From Lochleven Queen Marys Men Queen Of Argyll Queen Of Chesapeake Bay Queen Of Scotland Queen Of The House Queen Of The Mountain Queen Of The Silver Dollar Quickies(very Very Brief Parodies Or Fragments) Quiet Mists Of Morning Quite Early Morning Rabbit Trappers Song Raccoon Raftsmen Ragged But Right(2) Ragged But Right Railroading On The Great Divide Railroad Days Rail Cutters Rail No More Rakes Of Stony Batter [bob And Joan] Raleigh And Spencer Rambling Siuler Ramblin Rover Randall Knife Ranger Fight Song Ranger Song Rantin Rovin Robin Ranzo Ranzo Rae Raspberry Lane Rattling Ford Razorback Steak Rcmp Real Old Mountain Dew(4) Reaper Rebels Escape Rebel Song Redesdale And Wise William Rednecks White Socks And Blue Ribbon Beer Red Boogie Blues Red Wine Red Wing Reedy River Reel O Stumpie Refrain Of The Red River Plantation Reidcap Reillys Farewell Reload Remember Me(when The Candle Lights Are Gleaming) Requiem(for The Giants) Requiem Rest Of The Day Retirement Reubens Train Reuben James Revel Revenue Man Reynard The Fox Richland Women Blues Richmond Riddle Riddles Wisely Expounded(cather Banks) Riddles Wisely Expounded 3 Riddle Song(2 I Have A Young Suster) Ride In The Creel(2) Rights Of Man Right Said Fred(cup Of Tea) Rindercella Ringsend Rose Ring Those Golden Bells Ripple Rise And Shine Rise Up Gudewife Rise Up Jock Rise Up Shepherd And Follow Rising In The North Riu Riu Riverboat Rivers Of Babylon River Lea River Of Jordan River Of The Big Canoe Roadkill Cafe Roads Of Kildare Road By The River Roamin In The Gloamin Robin Adair Robin Cam To The Wrens Door Robin He Married A Wife Robin Hood Robin Hoods Birth N Breeding Robin Hoods Chase Robin Hoods Death Robin Hoods Delight Robin Hoods Golden Prize Robin Hoods Progress To Nottingham Robin Hood And Alan A Dale Robin Hood And Guy Of Gisborne Robin Hood And Maid Marion Robin Hood And Queen Katherine Robin Hood And The Beggar I Robin Hood And The Bishop Robin Hood And The Butcher(a) Robin Hood And The Curtal Friar(a) Robin Hood And The Golden Arrow Robin Hood And The Monk Robin Hood And The Pedlars Robin Hood And The Potter Robin Hood And The Prince Of Aragon Robin Hood And The Ranger Robin Hood And The Scotchman Robin Hood And The Shepherd Robin Hood And The Tinker Robin Hood And The Valiant Knight Robin Hood Newly Revived Robin Redbriests Testament Robyn And Gandeleyn Rob Roy Rockabye Baby Rockall Rocking Alone In An Old Rocking Chair Rocking The Cradle Rocks Of Bawn Rocky Banks Of The Buffalo Rocky Mountain Rock About My Saro Jane Rock And Pickle Tow Rock Me On The Water Rock Salt And Nails Roddy Mccorley(gaelic) Rodger Young Roger Ohehir Rogues March Rojo Rolling Down The Bay To Juliana Rolling Down The River Roll Agememnon Roll Roll Me Over Roll On Columbia Roll On Saskatchewan Roll Your Leg Over Roman Gladiator Romeo And Juliet Rompin Rovin Days Rookshope Ryde Root Abe Or Die Root Hog Or Die Roscommon Of My Dreams Rose Roseabella Roses Up And Roses Down Roseville Fair(banjo Parody) Rose And The Briar Rose Of Alabamy Rose Of Britains Isle Rose Of Castlerea Rose Of England Rose Of My Heart Rose Of No Mans Land Rose Of York Rosie Anderson Rosie O Ho Rosy Up On Moore Street Rothesay Bay Roulez Jeunes Gens Roulez!

Although there is no sheet music or midis, some of these songs are variations of those found on our songs-midis pages or guitar and mandolin tab pages so check those out first for suitable music.

The songs in this section are a collection of transcriptions by various individuals.

Please feel free to browse our gallery and blog to get a sense of what we do and then visit our order page for our unique approach to ordering flowers.

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