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The LTTE carried out low-key attacks against various government targets, including policemen and local politicians.Tamil United Liberation Front leader Appapillai Amirthalingam, who was in 1977 elected as the Opposition leader of Sri Lanka Parliament, clandestinely supported the LTTE.

Prabhakaran shot and killed the Mayor when he was visiting the Krishnan temple at Ponnalai.LTTE ordered civilians to boycott the local government elections of 1983 in which TULF contested. Thereafter, Tamil political parties were largely unable to represent Tamil people as insurgent groups took over their position.LTTE leaders at Sirumalai camp, Tamil Nadu, India in 1984 while they are being trained by RAW (from L to R, weapon carrying is included within brackets) – Lingam; Prabhakaran's bodyguard (Hungarian AK), Batticaloa commander Aruna (Beretta Model 38 SMG), LTTE founder-leader Prabhakaran (pistol), Trincomalee commander Pulendran (AK-47), Mannar commander Victor (M203) and Chief of Intelligence Pottu Amman (M 16).It took away not only the right to oppose but even the right to evaluate, as a community, the course they were taking.

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This gives a semblance of illusion that the whole society is behind the LTTE." At the height of its power, the LTTE possessed a well-developed militia and carried out many high-profile attacks, including the assassinations of several high-ranking Sri Lankan and Indian politicians.

This group comprised Tamil youth who advocated the rights of students to have fair enrollment.