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06-Jun-2016 11:40

He was also found guilty earlier of raping a teenage girl and sexually assaulting two teenage boys.The conviction involving the teenage girl seems to be based on very weak evidence.The Prescott Nightmare involved about twice as many defendants as Cornwall.It is similar to the Wenatchee fiasco: the victims were mostly young children and the alleged perpetrators were impoverished adults who had, in some cases, a low IQ.She had first told police that he had raped her three times; at the preliminary inquiry she raised the estimate to five or six; at trial it had become 10 or 20.

This group was largely responsible for the freeing of many of the unjustly convicted.

All qualify for the term Nightmare: The Prescott Nightmare may have been the worst miscarriage of justice in North America involving this form of MVMO (Multi-Victims, Multi-Offenders) criminal abuse of children. and Canada which are very similar to that of Prescott.

Many dozens of adults were imprisoned for criminal activity of which they were not guilty -- in fact, for crimes which probably never happened. All of the others have been shown beyond reasonable doubt to be hoaxes -- events that never happened. Yet, there was one defendant, Lorne Francois, who was involved in the Prescott MVMO case.

Convictions were often facilitated by defective medical examinations and lab analyses.

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Cooler heads eventually prevailed; almost all of the alleged perpetrators have had their cases reviewed and have been released from prison. There have been two apparently unrelated Canadian MVMO cases.

We hope that the exposure of the MVMO hoax in nearby Cornwall will cause people to ask searching questions about the Prescott Nightmare.

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