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(Interestingly, the reports barely mention healthcare users, like et ceteras stuffed in hurriedly.) A study by the international research organisation Population Council, however, acknowledges that it does not adequately capture the “bad behaviour of the staff” and the authors express regret for not being able to witness a delivery in progress.

As I sought out the stories of women in the packed labour wards of Kolkata's public hospitals, they spoke cautiously of adequate medical attention and shrugged when asked if they had been shouted at or hit. ” frowned a wan-looking girl, sitting on the soiled cement floor of a ward with her two-day-old child.

The accounts of women being scorned and slapped and mistreated in hospitals come in the face of a terrific rush to institutionalise childbirth.

India was tasked to meet the United Nations Millenium Development Goal to reduce the maternal mortality rate to 109 deaths per 100,000 deaths by 2015.

The maternal mortality rate dropped to 178 in 2010-'12 but India is still likely to fall short of the UN goal.

Moreover, severe problems like malnutrition among mothers and endemic corruption in the public health system persist.

Pregnant women await their turn for a consultation.

Credit: Reuters The stories of giving birth in a public hospital are troubling.

It is late January, and the reluctant Kolkata winter has already slipped away.This is the second hospital she has been admitted to that day and both have treated her with superb disdain, throwing her in wards bursting with women without beds, making her plead for water, dismissing her pain.Some of the women lying next to her in the ward of the Kolkata hospital said they had been slapped during delivery, and she felt anxious for herself.The fourth table is bound in waxy black material, reserved for patients with HIV or hepatitis, also empty.

Munmun is the only patient in the room, her stone table is hard and cold to the touch.

A couple of postgraduate students and house staff flow in and out the room, a gaggle of three nurses chats at the table, a cleaner mops the white floors.