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When having a "hot flash," why does my heart rate and blood pressure get high? But if your blood pressure and heart rate are becoming very elevated, this is not normal, and you should follow-up with your primary care doctor to investigate other causes.dsquared: Dr__Lynn_Pattimakiel: The most important thing is to dress in light layers because it is the fluctuation of ambient temperature that really triggers hot flashes.Also, practice paced abdominal breathing (six to eight slow breaths/minute).I was wondering what truth there is to this and if there are tips for weight loss after menopause that would be helpful for me to discuss with them. Dr__Lynn_Pattimakiel: Unfortunately, this is true for many women.Metabolism slows down as we get older and muscle mass also naturally diminishes.You may try wearing socks to bed, because this may bring down your core body temperature. The gold standard of treatment for hot flashes due to menopause is hormone therapy. Toasty: Dr__Lynn_Pattimakiel: The gold standard to treat moderate to severe night sweats that disturb your sleep is hormone therapy, if you do not have any contraindications.Of course we always recommend lifestyle modifications first, including getting your weight down, keeping the room cool at night, sleeping with a fan, sleeping in light clothing, and avoiding using a thick down comforter.

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If the hot flashes are bothering you mostly at night, make sure the room is cool. Avoid using down comforters, because you can bake like an oven.A helpful tip is to avoid eating late at night, because we do not have the opportunity to burn these calories off.runnergal: Once a woman hits menopause and starts to have weight problems and muscle tone problems, which were previously not concerns prior to menopause, would it be good idea to get hormone levels checked?

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