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It's short introduction briefly reviews interests, self-knowledge, and explores more career clusters. The activities are designed to be used with the Young Persons Occupational Outlook Handbook, a best-selling reference book available here on this page. Working through the prescribed activities helps prepare individuals for the workplace by raising their performance levels.

The Activities workbook is for individual student use in class or as homework. Careers For Me II is a 12-page consumable booklet which is very simple to use. Explore interests and find the best 20 matches from jobs in the Occupational Outlook Handbook--in just 15 to 20 minutes! The experiential nature of the activities creates a unique learning opportunity and, because the activities are work-based, individuals are exposed to a broad selection of career pathways. Add, edit, save, and print objectives and student mastery levels to articulate with parents, students, staff, and industry.

Respond to the 60 true/false statements on this practical new assessment and learn the topics on which you need more information or instruction for the most effective job search. After following some easy steps, test takers have a completed grid of their most important work-related preferences for use in exploring and deciding on careers.

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In about 30 minutes, individuals learn their strongest abilities, plus related courses, activities, and careers for developing and using these abilities.

Then your products will come between 7 and 14 days.

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