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With a standard computer using any operating system, webcam and internet connection users can achieve telepresence and participate in tellecollaboration, teleconferencing sessions worldwide without leaving the comfort of their home or office.

This is obtained instantly without any downloads or technical trainings required.

Video Whisper Video Conference is a modern web based multiple way video chat and real time file sharing tool.

It can be used stand alone or integrated as extra feature to existing sites.

This is useful for verifying content type violation reports on sites where streaming is publicly available.

If your publishers want to broadcast their screen (when playing a game, using a program, tutoring various computer skills) they can do that easily just by using a screen sharing driver that simulates a webcam from desktop contents. For all editions graphics and sounds are loaded from external PNG & MP3 files.

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Full mode licenses include all editions, with no additional costs.

Additionally, the webmaster can change their default startup positions and sizes.