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10-Jan-2015 01:41

[Angel Donovan]: Great, great because Masters and Johnson, we haven't really spoken a lot about their work but, to give it context, how far did their work go and where did it kind of stop?

[Cindy Meston]: They were the first to really take sexuality into the laboratory and study it from a psycho-physiological perspective.

Meaning that they actually created equipment to be able to measure physiological changes during sexual arousal and orgasm.

So, they mapped out the sexual response cycle in terms of desire beseech arousal, beseech orgasm, resolution and really contributed an enormous amount towards understanding what happens during the sexual response.

In the process of doing the research, I came to realize that there had very little conducted on human sexuality period but particularly, women's sexuality since Masters and Johnson in the 1970s. [Cindy Meston]: It seemed like, "Wow, this is a really under studied and important area that seems to be neglected in the field of psychology.

Men produce so much more testosterone than women but, we do know that as women age, testosterone declines as it does in men.

Today we're taking another look at women's sexuality, and their behaviors, from a scientific research-driven perspective.

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